Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Deeming cloud hosting the future of web hosting is seen fit by even the most experienced practitioners. The flexibility of cloud computing and its unique infrastructure allows new hosting features and more storage space to be offered at a much lower price.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a form of cloud computing implementation that uses clusters of servers to host websites or web applications. The same infrastructure can also be used for storing files and securing backups.

What makes cloud hosting special is the way servers are combined into a functional cluster. This means processors, RAMs and disk space of different servers can be integrated with each other to form a marvelously capable cluster.

The cloud hosting infrastructure is then rented out to customers – if it is maintained by a hosting company – or used to host resource-intensive web applications and sensitive information.

The True Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers a range of benefits, including:

Better security. Files are stored across multiple servers, which means your site or web application remains protected even when one (or several) of the servers in the same cluster is down.

Immense scalability. The limitations of conventional web hosting are simply eliminated through the implementation of cloud computing. You can have a custom service plan set up to meet even your highest demands.

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