CodeIgniter Hosting

CodeIgniter Hosting

CodeIgniter was initially released in 2006; it caught the attention of many web developers because it offered immense flexibility and a highly capable web application development framework. CodeIgniter itself is a fully-functional PHP framework with a small footprint and unrivaled practicality.

If you need to develop a PHP application that can perform flawlessly under heavy load, CodeIgniter is one of the best development frameworks to look into. It has a lot of modules and classes you can use to get the functionalities you need. It is also very skin-able, giving you complete control over the user interface in general.

As a development framework, CodeIgniter is also very permissive. You don’t have to follow coding rules to the letter to have a working web application. You can even debug your app and find faults – as well as suggestions on how to correct them for better overall performance – rather easily.

There are endless examples of how CodeIgniter is used to develop content-intensive or feature-intensive websites. Visit EllisLab’s website and prepare to be blown away by just how remarkable this framework really is.

Although CodeIgniter requires you to have at least basic web programming knowledge, it is still a very user-friendly web development platform to use.

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