Coppermine Hosting

Coppermine Hosting

Coppermine is a web application that allows you to manage online photo galleries without having to understand complicated web programing languages or other unnecessary details. The framework is designed in such as way that even those with minimum experience in managing a website can use Coppermine easily.

You can arrange and organize pictures into albums and categories; it is even possible to arrange photos chronologically or manually, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Coppermine’s support for multiple users means this web application can be used as part of a more comprehensive website. If you want to share and collect photos with office colleagues or family members, for example, you can set up you own Coppermine photo album.

Coppermine’s long list of features doesn’t stop there. It is also possible to use uploaded pictures as backgrounds or content for e-cards; users can compose their own message and send the electronic card to anyone via email.

The latest installment of Coppermine also features a built-in image editing tool. Users can resize, crop, rotate and perform other basic image editing tasks after uploading the images or on the fly. If you are looking for an all-in-one image gallery script that you can count on, Coppermine is the answer.

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