cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting

CPanel hosting – often known as shared hosting – is a web hosting service plan that is both affordable and capable. It is mainly designed for personal and SOHO users, although there are also a lot of large corporations that still rely on cPanel hosting.

CPanel itself is the name of the administration platform or interface used by hosting companies to allow customers to maintain their shared hosting accounts. You can access various features from your cPanel, such as domain management, script installation, file management and email management. Other features such as analytics and internet marketing tools can also be accessed from cPanel.

CPanel hosting is highly affordable. You can get an account with unlimited storage space and monthly bandwidth for as little as £1 a month. This is because a single physical server is shared among several users, increasing its cost efficiency and while maintaining a steady level of performance. You can even host multiple domains on a single shared hosting account.

If shared hosting is not what you need, it is also possible to integrate cPanel into VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Most hosting companies now offer cPanel as either a built-in feature or an optional extra with every hosting plan in their catalogues.

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