Drupal Hosting

Drupal Hosting

Drupal started life as a CMS for online stores and specific types of websites. Today, however, Drupal is a CMS platform that is not only very easy to use but also very suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Installing Drupal is as easy as it gets. You can either use the One-Click installer or install Drupal manually; regardless of the installation method you choose to use, you will be able to get the web application installed in just a few minutes.

Once the CMS is installed, you can add plugins and select a theme for your site. It is not surprising to find thousands of plugins with unique functionalities just waiting to be utilized; as an open-source CMS platform, Drupal has a very active developers community.

If using the basic version of Drupal is too complicated for you, you can also choose to use one of Drupal Distributions you can download. These Distributions are preconfigured and pre-themed; they are designed for easy installation and use right out of the box.

Although many believe that Drupal is not as matured as other CMS platforms we can find online, it is actually a very capable and superbly flexible platform that will meet even the highest demands.

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