Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Looking for ad-free email with your own personalized email addresses? Email hosting is what you need. Email hosting allows you to use your own domain names and enjoy a comprehensive set of features, including unlimited storage and advanced security.

Depending on the service package you choose to use, you can get 2GB to unlimited email storage and multiple email addresses. A spam filter, antivirus and a highly capable 256-bit encryption are also part of the security features you can expect.

Just because you host your own email addresses, it doesn’t mean you have to jump through hoops when using them. You can still access your mails using any standard web browser or integrate the email accounts with desktop and mobile mail clients.

It is even possible to have certain email hosting platforms added to the mix. If you want to take advantage of Microsoft Exchange’s push-mail capabilities or Deluxe Group Calendar, all you need to do is find a suitable service plan to use.

Cost-wise, email hosting services are far more affordable than maintaining your own server. A feature-packed plan costs as little as £1 a month with bonuses and special offers also available.

For a truly personalized and professional email addresses, go for the best email hosting service plan your money can buy.

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