Joomla Hosting

Joomla Hosting

The latest installment of Joomla, Joomla 3.0, features new advancements that make this already intuitive platform even easier to use. Joomla is a CMS primarily made for those who want to start a portal or an extensive news site, but it can also be customized to be the core of other types of websites.

Joomla is amazingly popular among web developers for two main reasons: it is highly customizable and modular by nature. Every part of Joomla is built as modules, which is why it is very easy to adjust how Joomla performs according to one’s personal needs and preferences.

You wouldn’t believe the sites that use Joomla as their core CMS. EBay, Barnes & Noble and Ikea all use Joomla at the heart of their websites.

Want to add features or customize the front-end design of your site? Use extensions and themes to help you. Extensions, free and premium alike, offers different functionalities that are not already present in the standard version of Joomla. Themes, on the other hand, offers design elements and front-end functionalities.

Use Joomla and you will find starting a highly functional and personalized site very easy to do. You will be joining a group of over 35 million users nonetheless.

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