MODx Hosting

MODx Hosting

MODx or MODx Revolution is more than just a CMS platform. It is an integrate framework for building content-intensive websites and highly personalized portals. It is also a platform that puts interactive experience at the top of its priority list.

At first glance, MODx may appear to be complicated. In reality, however, it is actually a very easy platform to master. Once you know your way around how MODx works and reacts to customization, the possibilities are endless.

There are reasons why today’s top web developers love MODx so much. MODx offers the opportunity to build websites according to the content you are trying to distribute instead of forcing you to adjust your web content to fit a certain predefined framework. This is certainly a huge plus; your site will be unique and functional when built on top of MODx’s core functionalities.

As a platform, MODx is also very responsive. It uses minimum server resources and presents the best user experience. It can even work with Microsoft SQL and Active Directory, which means it can be used as part of a more comprehensive web application.

MODx is device independent out of the box. You can set up a site for multiple devices in just a few minutes with the help of this web framework.

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