phpBB Hosting

phpBB Hosting

Community has been the core of many web applications since the beginning of public internet use. Although social networking is taking the spotlight these days, it is never OK to neglect the benefits offered by online communities accommodated by forums.

PhpBB is the leading online forum web application nonetheless. The web app was first introduced in 2000, back when bulletin boards were still highly popular. Today, phpBB is supporting millions of communities across the World Wide Web.

The version available today is also known as phpBB3. It offers virtually every feature an online community will ever need, from basic user and post management to advanced add-ons that make meeting other people with the same interest much more fun.

The technology behind phpBB has evolved and has been perfected over the years. Today, phpBB is one of the most efficient online forum platforms in the world. It is compatible with every database framework available and is very reliable even under heavy load.

Some of the largest online forums are using either the standard or modified version of phpBB. Customization can be done through mods or by adding add-ons and plugins to your phpBB installation.

Thinking about starting your own online community? phpBB is the web app to use.

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