phpList Hosting

phpList Hosting

In the world of social media marketing and search engine optimization, email marketing is still one of the most used ā€“ and most effective ā€“ methods of selling your products and services online. PhpList is an email campaign manager that will help you make the most out of email marketing without hassle.

Started life as a conventional mailing list framework, phpList now offers a wealth of features any email marketer can benefit from. For example, the system can be used for distributing newsletters, publicity lists, notifications and other forms of email communications.

Since the web application runs on your server, it manages email delivery automatically. It will not miss a single address in your list, nor will it send two or more emails to the same address. The entire process is fully automated; all you have to do is compose the email once and let phpList do the rest.

PhpList also supports HTML emails; this means you donā€™t have to stay within the limitations of plain text emails at all. Use the built-in HTML editor to compose attractive email marketing content, take advantage of templates (or create your own) and enjoy other benefits offered by this free and open-source email marketing application.

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