The year 2012 has been somewhat difficult for those working on SEO, mostly due to a variety of Google algorithm changes - including major updates like Penguin, Panda and as recently as September, EMD. This year seems set to be no easier, if not harder still. So what can be expected to matter in terms of best SEO practises this year?

To begin with, high quality, fresh and unique content remains 'King'. Naturally, this still involves researching relevant keywords and working them carefully into this content. It is, however, vital not to go over-board with keywords - stuffing pages with them is viewed as bad practise and may well be penalised.

The ideal percentage of keywords per article is between 1 and 2.5 per cent - in other words, in a 500 word post about bicycles, for example, the keyword 'affordable bicycles' should appear between 5 and a maximum of 12 times.

Anchor text for links also matters, and should be varied as much as possible. In total, no more than two links at most should actually contain the main keyword. To stay with the above example, if you were to place 10 links onto your page, only two should use 'affordable bicycles' as the anchor text.

The remaining 8 links should vary, and may, for example, include a generic link like 'Learn more' or 'Special offer', as well as links that may look something like this:

'bicycles at reduced prices'
'slashing the cost of cycles' and so on

In short, 2013 demands quality content interspersed wisely with relevant keywords and relevant, but varied anchor text for links. Learn more.