When choosing a web hosting option, there are some claims you should be very suspicious of before giving any web host your money. Some are true deals but have fine print limiting their terms, and some are outright misleading and should be avoided altogether.

Unlimited disk space: this should immediately give you pause when buying web hosting. Disk space does not come free to the host and chances are if you are in need of any appreciable amount of web space they will not be able to accommodate you or may cancel your account if you exceed the terms of the offer. Read the fine print to prevent future problems.

Unlimited bandwidth: similar to unlimited disk space, this is a tactic that is frequently used by web hosting companies to get you to sign up. Unfortunately if you have bandwidth needs that are higher than what they are able to provide, you will not be welcomed as a client. Business owners in particular are much better off going elsewhere and paying an affordable fee for sufficient bandwidth.

Monthly limits on data transfer: if your website suddenly has an influx of visitors due to increased advertising or popularity upswings, you may find that your limit is quickly exceeded and your website may either go down until the next month or you could be charge overage fees for the increased bandwidth. Make sure you are totally clear on any usage limit policies before signing up.

Money back guarantees: many web hosting companies offer a satisfaction guarantee with a refund within a certain time period such as 30 or 45 days. These web hosts may also have extremely strict guidelines for qualifying for this refund so make sure you agree with their terms before choosing a web hosting company that makes this kind of promise.

File type restrictions: you may think you have it made with a web hosting provider who offers you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, but they also may restrict the kinds and sizes of files you can upload to your account. Verify that your web host can support the kind of files you need to put on your website before handing over your dollars.

Discounts for purchasing a long web hosting contract: the rate over two or more years may be much cheaper per month than paying from month to month but if you discover that the restrictions on your account make your website ineffective, you may be sorry when you have to go hunting for yet another web host after already purchasing a long period of hosting from the first one.

Get everything in writing (or email): keep copies of all agreements including contracts, guarantees, pricing structures for your plan, special offers (for example, if you signed up for free activation and your credit card was charged anyway you will need proof that you were not supposed to be charged this fee).