B2evolution is a blog program that is both powerful and easy to use. It has all of the traditional features that you expect in a blog program. It also has extra features, like easy picture and file management, support for multiple blogs, advanced skinning and support for third party plug-ins. B2evolution is a powerful solution for both casual bloggers and professional bloggers.

B2evolution is a free blog platform that combines the ease of use of Blogger and Typepad with the ability to host your own blog on your own web site. B2evolution supports RSS and Atom feeds, multi page posts, saved drafts, quick publishing and advanced browsing. B2evolution also includes evoSkins, making it easy to change the look and feel of your blog with a few simple mouse clicks.

If you are an advanced blogger, b2evolution offers support for multiple blogs, support for multiple blog users, support for multiple skins, compliance with web standards, an integrated XHTML validator, support for private or protected blog posts and closed or disabled comments.

With b2evolution, you can also track blog statistics including user log ins and search keywords. Track RSS feeds and breakdown hits based on direct domain access, searches and third party referrers with b2evolution\'s integrated statistics tracking.