As popular as cloud hosting is, there are still many myth surrounding this type of hosting. Here are some facts to help dispel these myths.

Myth: Cloud computing is too complex.
Fact: In reality, cloud servers are actually easier - and quicker to set up than VPS or dedicated servers.

Myth: Cloud computing is not secure.
Fact: Technology makes cloud computing more secure today than ever. Naturally - as with any other type of hosting - how secure a network is ultimately depends on the provider and the absence (or presence) of abusers.

Myth: Cloud computing invariably means having to re-write all code.
Fact: Some cloud hosting providers do require some code alterations to function properly, but many are built exactly like dedicated servers, essentially allowing users to upload codes/ Websites as easily as with any other type of hosting.

Myth: Cloud hosting is a passing fad.
Fact: While the term 'cloud' may be comparatively new, the concept of computing 'in the cloud' has been around for some time - since the late 1990s, to be precise. A prediction by Gartner Research states that over 80 per cent of the 'Fortune 1000' companies will be using some type of cloud computing by 2014 - in other words, it is definitely here to stay.