There are some things a Website can have, some it maybe should have and some (ten, to be
precise) that are definite must-haves - here are these Ten Commandments all good Websites
should follow.

Commandment #1 - Websites must have a clear objective. Determine why you have a
Website and what you are trying to achieve with it.

Commandment #2 - To achieve objectives, there must be calls to action - and they must be
clear. Tell visitors exactly what you want them to do - in no uncertain terms.

Commandment #3 - Capture contact information for visitors and give yourself the opportunity
to gather prospects that can be converted into clients.

Commandment #4 - Give visitors a good reason to come back - regularly provide interesting
news and/ or fresh content.

Commandment #5 - Websites must have substance. While style is great, valuable content is
worth far more than flashy animations.

Commandment #6 - Make visitors feel special - keep your copy conversational and show
visitors clearly what it/ you can do for them.

Commandment #7 - Websites must consistent with brands - keep all pages in line with the
design, feel and overall appearance of other marketing materials.

Commandment #8 - Provide clear, consistent navigation, making sure visitors can easily find
whatever they need/ want.

Commandment #9 - Ensure all provided links are live - dead links are killers and may result
in loss of credibility as visitors assume you just don't care.

Commandment #10 - Websites must load quickly - optimise necessary media and avoid
unnecessary animations, etc likely to cause slow loading times.