Crafty Syntax Live Help is a free, open source live customer support solution that can be configured to push customer support to your end users or to be requested by site visitors. Crafty Syntax Live Help has an extensive range of features that allows more than one help operator and multiple departments. It also offers support for multiple languages.

Crafty Syntax Live Help is programmed with the PHP scripting language used in conjunction with a MySQL database.

Features of Crafty Syntax Live Help include auto visitor invitation, page tracking, referer tracking, multiple chat sessions, push URLs, customizable graphics and quick responses. Users can also leave messages for customer service operators even if the support team is offline.

You can also write custom canned messages to help solve common web site visitor problems. Crafty Syntax Live Help also offers a special typing preview that allows operators to see what is being typed as it is being typed.

Help administrators can also check statistics by each support team member, including time spent in each chat and which help department was accessed. Team members can chat with multiple site visitors simultaneously by using the Crafty Syntax Live Help tab system. Transcripts of each help session is logged automatically.