Try as you might, the vast majority of page tiling solutions currently available struggle to achieve the gap-free content they are working towards. There is, however, one solution that allows comprehensive, virtually gap-free wall-building, namely jQuery Nested.

This jQuery plug-in allows users to create dynamic multi-column grid layouts that are - unlike those offered by similar jQuery pug-ins and other libraries - completely gap-free. How is this achieved?

Usually, pages are first of all broken down with customisable minimum height/ width grid sizes. Page elements are then defined in accordance with their occupancy of column/ row numbers. Pages are subsequently tiled to make them as tight as possible, but as a rule, there will be left-over gaps. Nested fills unavoidable gaps by resizing boxes here's how.

Similar to other scripts/ libraries, Nested essentially begins with three basic functions:

Creating a matrix of elements
Creating a multi-column grid
Scanning the matrix to detect gaps and trying to fill them by reordering elements

Unlike other solutions, Nested does, however, not stop here. To ensure no gaps are left, it offers an option to resize elements (bigger - or smaller - than the gap) located at the grid's bottom - a simple, but undoubtedly effective solution to create gap-free pages.