CubeCart is a commercial ecommerce application that enjoys widespread popularity because of the ease of use and full customization that it offers. CubeCart comes in both free and premium versions with different feature sets for each version.

The free version of CubeCart features a template driven layout where the PHP scripting is separate from the HTML code, keeping your function and design code separate. The XHTML and CSS have both been validated and are full compliant with w3c standards. Mandatory customer registration is standard for the free CubeCart version and checkout is done in four steps. Customers can also track their order history using the free version of CubeCart. The free version also supports multiple currencies, spambot flood protection and advanced product searches.

The premium version of CubeCart has all of the features of the free version, plus many other advanced features. Features include "Tell a friend," "Customers who bought also bought," suggestions, product reviews and comments, related products based on actual orders, module import, Canadian and Australian shipping rate modules, multiple secure payment modules including SecureHosting and eWay and credit card validation modules. The premium version also features SQL caching to improve page load speed and full site statistics including sales figures broken down by hour, day and month.