At kNet Hosting we're proud and meticulous about the hardware we configure and deploy, as we understand that the quality of our systems are the single biggest factor in the performance and reliability of your sites.

Our Data Centre is located right on the backbone of the UK internet, with direct connections to all major ISP's including BT, Virgin Media, Tiscali and many more. We make sure we have full redundancy at every level, from air conditioning through to the high speed network connections.


At kNet we have a commitment to keeping our hardware cutting edge, this is why all of our servers are state of the art Dell Power Edge servers. Each server is equipped with dual network connections and fully redundant power supplies.

All of our servers use Intel Xeon processors, and every server has at least Dual Processors, with Quad Cores and 8GB of DDR2 Memory.

The pinnacle of our hardware is a fully redundant Storage Area Network, which combines many hard disks into one large, super fast drive. This allows our customers to purchase space by the Gigabyte, they can purchase how much they want, when they want, meaning they can grow at a pace that suits them!


Our network is fully multi homed. Meaning its fully redundant from the core right to the edge. Boasting a 4Gbps bandwidth, dual network feeds connect right to the centre of the UK's internet backbone. From here our two core routers link our data centre to the outside world. At every level we maintain full redundancy, right down to the copper wires that connect to your server. We guarantee 100% network uptime all year round!

Power Supply

Our data centre has dual power feeds from the outside world, these are fed straight into UPS (battery backup) and power conditioners to ensure clean power is available to every server. In the event of a power failure the system automatically swaps to the secondary feed. Should power fail completely, the battery backup seamlessly keeps the servers running while the external Diesel Generators start up and take over power supply until the main feed is restored.


The data centre is manned 24/7/365 by security and technical personnel. Admittance is only via pre-arranged visits, and only then authorised personnel are permitted. Our technical team is on hand for server emergencies, and can quickly perform hardware replacement and maintenance day or night. Fire suppression systems are located throughout the datacenter and are monitored for readiness.


The data centre is constantly kept at low temperatures by fully redundant air conditioning systems. Maintining low, moisture free air flow ensures the servers can perform flawlessly around the clock.