If you have a web site, you may find yourself faced with a decision to leave a small web host and find a dedicated server. Dedicated servers can offer a lot of benefits, especially for someone with a large site with heavy traffic.

It may seem like a dedicated server is an unnecessary expense when you can get cheap web hosting, but the money is usually worth it. No matter how well your web host manages your shared hosting package, you will not be guarantees 100% stability and uptime. If you have a dedicated server, the service is much more stable and you are more likely to always be up when a customer ro visitor comes to your site.

You don\'t have to worry about server overload, bad scripts from beginning programmers and other bugs and problems from web sites that haven\'t been tested well.

On a dedicated server, you will only have software installed that you need and that you know is safe and secure and free of bugs. You don\'t have to depend on you web host for server management. You will save money in the long run by not having to worry about downtime or waiting for customer service to contact you if there is a problem.

You can also provide quick support for your own clients when it is needed. You can grow your own business much faster if you have a dedicated server and can provide our own fast customer support. More people leave a business because of poor service than from any other reason. Most people that leave because of poor service don\'t go quietly. The will tell their friends and family. That sued to be about 20 people, but with the advent of blogs and web pages, a poor customer service experience can reach potentially millions of people on the Internet. Don\'t risk a poor reputation because you use a cheap web hosting plan.

If you make good use of your web stats, you will see just how important a dedicated server can be to you. If people leave your site because the pages take too long to load or because the age loaded incorrectly, you will see just how much money you are really "saving" by using a cheap shared web hosting plan.

If you have a business, your web page must download quickly and it must be accessible when cutomers come to your home page. If you can\'t offer these things, it\'s a sure bet that there is a competing business there that will. A dedicated server can make sure that you don\'t suffer from a low loading page or a page that is down as often as it is up.

A dedicated server can cost money upfront, but you can save customers and increase your sales enough that it will make up for any initial expense. Don\'t lose business because you trie to save money on web hosting. If you have a web based business, you owe it to yourself and your customers to have a dedicated server.