DotProject is a free open source group management software platform that is supported by a number of volunteers that have developed the code for the system. There is no large corporation behind dotProject, just a group of passionate developers that are determined to make dotProject the best group software program available.

DotProject can be used by a wide variety of users, including individuals that are seeking to organize their work load, large companies that want to get organized and encourage productivity and school groups that want or encourage group collaboration. DotProject makes it easy to manage every day activities as projects progress.

DotProject is based on the free PHP scripting language and the MySQL database platform and is compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox,Opera and Safari. Modules included on dotProject are message forums, online chat modules and group calendars. Group administrators can set goals and milestones and collaborators can see when goals are met and which goals are still under construction.

DotProject makes it extremely easy to keep track of all group participants. Email notification of task completion is available for all users. There is an easy trouble ticket support system and project templates are included for routine collaborative tasks