There may come a time when you choose to transfer your domain or hosting account to a different provider. The reasons can be different. You may be dissatisfied by your current provider, or you may find a cheaper provider offering the same range of services, a better support for a smaller price, or else, you may want to bundle your domain name and web hosting accounts. No matter why you chose to move, or migrate to a different provider you need to do it right. Start planning and preparing before the transfer, in order to have everything ready and set up, and minimize your site's downtime. Here are some helpful tips to help you get prepared for a smooth transfer.

Set up an account with your new provider first. You need to do this before you initiate the transfer procedure. Make sure the entire configuration is adequate before you move your domain or hosting files and settings. Sometimes it may take up to several days to set up logins to manage your new account. You absolutely do not want to start the transfer procedure only to find out about such unexpected delays you didn't foresee.

DNS and nameserver settings are another important part of the transfer that you need to know before you migrate. Because when you change hosting provider you will need to quickly update DNS and nameserver settings for your domain. You need to do it to keep your domain working. Thus, it is important that you have all the necessary settings before you transfer the domain to ensure your website is online and works properly. You will need to update these settings as soon as you transfer, because it may take up to several hours for these settings to update. You may also choose to do it during the time when your users are less active, for example, at night or during the working hours, depending on your audience. This is useful to minimize the effects of downtime on your profit.

The next step is contacting your current and future providers to let them know about the coming transfer. Ask the support of both companies whether there is any special technical issue you need to know to make things go smoothly. There may be some settings that you need to put in manually, or a special method to set up your new account, since you're transferring rather than creating a new account.

At last, but not least, backup your files and settings. The probability of something going wrong is rather small, but still, should anything go wrong, you run the risk of losing all your data and configuration.