Drupal is free software with a variety if features that allows users to publish and maintain a large variety of content on the Internet. Drupal is popular with tens of thousands of people that have already discovered how easy it is to use.

Drupal can be used to create everything from corporate websites to social networking web sites. Drupal can also be used for blogs and personal web sites. Drupal can be used as is with it\'s easy self-installer, but it has dozens of free add-on modules that can extend the functionality of the software. With add-ons, Drupal can be used for content management systems, blogs, forums. Podcasting, picture galleries, newsletters, file uploading and downloading.

Drupal has a full online help system in place so it is easy to get your questions answered. Drupal also supports templates and themes based on simple HTML and PHP commands.

Drupal users also enjoy unsurpassed change tracking with Version Control. Drupal tracks all changes, along with the date and time of the changes as well as who made the changes. Drupal also allows users to roll back changes to an earlier version of the site if you aren\'t happy with changes, making updating your web site goof-proof.