The millions of blogs populating the Internet all cover different topics; reflect different personalities and are presented in different styles. There are, however, some elements all of them have - or should have - in common. Here are some of these elements.

Archive - Post archives - sorted by category and/ or date - allow visitors to discover/ explore the content of a blog. This ability serves as a way to attract new visitors, convert one-off visitors into regular readers by showing them what they can expect to find if they decide to follow a blog and enables regular visitors to easily revisit posts they particularly enjoyed.

RSS Feeds - RSS feeds allow visitors to keep up with frequently updated sites without having to keep checking if something new has been posted.

Comment System - Engaging users into conversation with both blogger and other readers enables the building of communities/ relationships and provides a positive, interactive experience. Naturally, adequate protection against comment spam is vital to ensure comments are worth reading/ participating in.

Search - Providing a search box enables users to quickly and easily find specific blog posts without having to leave and go through search engines.

Social Media Integration - Visitors should be able to share content easily via social media 'share' buttons.

Contact Options - Readers should have the ability to contact a blogger to get more information on a topic they liked/ are interested in; make comments they may not wish to share publicly, and so on. Contact forms are perfect for this purpose, but if preferred, displaying an e-mail address on a contact page, the sidebar or the page footer will suffice.