FAQMasterFlex is a free, open source web application designed for the creation and maintenance of a web site\'s Frequently Asked Questions. Driven by the MySQL database platform an scripted with PHP, FAQMasterFlex is an easy to understand solution for budget conscious web site administrators. FAQMasterFlex is free to install and the code is open so site administrators can create their own modifications.

Web site visitors can get the answers they need to all of the questions fast with the superior organization available to web administrators using FAQMasterFlex to create their FAQ web pages. FAQMasterFlex makes it easy for site owners to provide information in an easy to understand format to all web site guests.

FAQMasterFlex can be used to create unlimited question categories, unlimited questions and the ability to edit and delete full categories and questions. Questions can also be added to categories at any time, allowing your FAQ to grow as your web site grows and has more visitors.

Installation of FAQMasterFlex is easy and only requires a web server that is compatible with PHP, such as Apache. It has been fully tested with Linux and is system independent. Page caching is enabled to dramatically improve the speed of page loads.