If you have your own business or even a hobby, you may want to create your own web page. Creating a web page doesn\'t have to be complicated. There are several web authoring programs that automate many of the tasks involved. One of the easiest and most popular programs for web site creation is Microsoft FrontPage.

One of the main advantages of using Microsoft FrontPage is the familiar interface. The FrontPage interface shares many similarities with familiar programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. This will cut down on the time that you need to spend to understand the program. You will be up and designing our web site quickly.

One of the most important elements in deigning a web site is tables. Tables can be time consuming to construct using HTML, but FrontPage will make it easy to create tables of the right size. It is easy to create and merge cells inside the tables and to correctly set the Cellpad and Cellspace attributes for attractive presentation.

Tables help you place each page element in the right location. Without tables, you have little control over how the web page appears in different browsers.

You can also easily insert text, photos and video clips in your web page using Microsoft FrontPage. Graphics, music and videos offer your site a lot of appeal and will draw repeat visitors back to your site. Microsoft FrontPage makes it easy to add these multimedia elements to your page.

If you are design-challenged, Microsoft FrontPage will make it easy for you to create an attractive site with the use of Themes. Themes are sets of design elements that will unify your web site and make them look pulled together and professional. It is quick and easy to use themes and make sure that your pages look great and are visually consistent. Themes can be applied to one page or to a whole site with a few clicks of the mouse.

It is also easy to get a consitant look for your web site with Cascading Style Sheets. You don\'t have to know how to write your own CSS to use this important piece of web writing technology. FrontPage will take the settings that you have entered and will create a style sheet for you.

Once your site has been created and FrontPage has written the HTML code for you, you can upload all of your site information including the photos and other multimedia content, using Microsoft\'s built in ftp connection program.

If you want to protect your images or your site, you can add watermarks to discourage theft of your backgrounds and photos. This can help protect your intellectual property and all of your hard work.

Microsoft FrontPage offers a great deal of functionality in a convenient package. It is easy to create a professional web site without any prior training by using themes and other features. With a low learning curve, Mictosoft FrontPage is an ideal solution for beginning web designers who want to get their web sites designed and uploaded quickly and easily.