Gallery is a free,open source, web based image album organizer. Gallery offers an easy way for users to share photos on websites from small personal home pages to large corporate web sites. Gallery is available for free use under GNU GPL license. All that is required to run Gallery is your own web site and a server that is compatible with PHP, such as Apache and support for a MySQL database.

Gallery is scalable for use by a large variety of web sites. The core gallery installation includes basic features and is perfect for small personal web sites that want to show off a few pictures. Large corporate web sites that want to integrate social networking tools can download and install a variety of modules to add additional functionality. You can write your own extensions for even more customized features.

Gallery has a variety of existing themes and more are available through third party websites. It is easy to change the look and feel of your Gallery to match the rest of your web site with a few clicks of your mouse. Writing your own templates is easy to do because the HTML design code is separate from the PHP application scripting.