Geeklog is an open source content management system that is powered by MySQL and PHP. It was developed in 2001 by Jason Whittenburg to be exceptionally secure. You can set up a full dynamic web site within minutes and is feature rich and easy to use.

Geeklog allows multiple member registration so site visitors can contribute to your site. Comments are enabled, but you can disable comments on a post by post basis. Geeklog also offers an unsurpassed security system that allows you to set user controls over different functions.

Geeklog supports multiple themes and you can load multiple templates and themes and allow users to choose which template they see. Geeklog is extendable by a multitude of plug ins and it is easy to write your own extensions, even if you don\'t know PHP.

Geeklog gives you precise control over content placement by using its block system. By using the block system, you can place content anywhere on your site. It is easy to add text, photos and links. Geeklog also adds a user-controlled calender feature that allows users to add events to your web site calender.

See who is visiting your site and how they found you with detailed web site statistics.