How to give acknowledgements

Giving proper recognition to the websites from which you took content to create and build your own website can be done in many ways.

Listing the websites from which you took graphics for your website is a common practice that entails gratitude and a good way to spread the contents of the internet around. Another alternative is to set a place in your website for their banners. Banner exchange has been the longest and most fruitful way in which website masters have been able top advertise their own websites at no cost.

Introductory statement

You can simply devote one or two paragraphs to thank those who have been kind enough to let you use their website graphics in your own website. If you choose this approach, you can list their websites in a separate area of your website or you can even not list them at all.

Doing an introductory statement does not require a lot of information and it certainly is not an accepting speech for the academy awards. A simple "thank you to all " can suffice, of course, it will need to be more elaborate than 4 words. And it can be placed at the home page of your website.

Thank you statements throughout the website

For other webmasters, the right course of action is to introduce a paragraph or two at each one of the base pages of their subdividing sections at the website referring to the specific website or websites where they got their graphics.

While this might be an adequate thank you for those webmasters, from the point of view of surfers and visitors, it could be regarded as "space consuming word junk"; that is, you are using these thank you paragraphs to create the illusion of more information.

Separate section

One of the alternatives to the thank you paragraphs at the home page or in each of the website sections is to have a specific area where all the thank you notes will be listed. Very similar to the resources pages in a book and the thank you notes in a printed document, the thanks section of your website will list even the urls and other references.

Many of the webmasters that are using a separate section to thank those websites from which they were able to retrieve graphics and even content also use this section to place things that are not necessarily related to their website but that they still like.

Whichever approach you decide to use and to take advantage of, there is no need to go into full detail what it is that you got and why. The acknowledgements that webmasters seek to get from you using their graphics can simply reduce itself to a 10 word review of their website, a 5 letter phrase thanking them for their graphics and the url or banner that they will provide you.

Most of the banners that are available for you to use come already set with an html code so all you will need to do is copy and paste the code