Web developers and designers are consistently on the look-out for great new tools making their job easier while at the same time allowing them to create ever more cool designs. Here is a selection of amazing, totally fresh resources likely to add exceptional value to designers' tool collections.

Flipclock JS - As the name suggests, this great little jQuerie plug-in helps users to create clocks with flipping effects. Output is customisable via CSS and can be extended by using APIs. It can also be used to create regular clocks showing current and lapsed times, as well as count-down timers.

Forecast Fonts - Not surprisingly, this app provides a stunning set of weather app font icons. Patterns include drizzle, sunny and sun-set; thunderstorm, snow and more.

IOS7 Icon Template - Following Apple's release of iOS7, it is obviously essential to create suitable icons in a simple, clean and easy fashion. This PDS template does th job to perfection.

Mmenu - Navigation menus on mobile devices are often hidden and accessible via clicking on the navigation icon. Mmenu makes it possible to create the same kind of navigation menu for Websites. Created menus can also be customised to user requirements.

Picksum Ipsum - Film enthusiasts will love this handy text generator, which will quickly and easily generate famous lines from actors like Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Michaeal Caine and Jim Carey, as well as many others.

Screensizes - Ever increasing numbers of different screen sizes make responsive design a must. This app makes this process easier by providing a range of size specifications, including physical size, screen size, pixel density and more.

Swiper - A cool responsive, touch-based image/ content slider designed specifically for mobiles, Swiper's tiny library does not require other libraries to work

Topcoat - This new Adobe CSS framework targets performance and offers a great user interface, a PSD, icons and more before users even start to get coding.

Web Colour Data - If you really like the colour scheme of a Website you have seen somewhere, you can now grab those colours in two simple steps. On entering the relevant site's URL and clicking 'Get Colour', the Web Colour Data app will instantly grab the site's colour scheme, complete with each colour's hex number. Life does not get easier than this.

There is no doubt that at least some of these tools will very quickly earn a permanent spot in both developers' and designers' favourite tool boxes.