The sheer number of Web hosting providers offering their services is enough to give anyone looking for a host for their Website grey hair. Where does one start? Fortunately, there are many excellent resources available to help finding a suitable host significantly easier. Here are some of them.

Finding a host invariably requires a lot of research. In order to find the right host that offers all the right features, tools and so on to cater for a site's needs at the right price, it is essential to compare different options thoroughly. This is made easier by comparison sites. One of the best among these sites is BestHosting.

Agile and highly comprehensive, this site offers an array of excellent comparison options. An original hosting company directory, the site features an informative blog with articles about varying hosts; an impressive comparison tool to find and compare just about every aspect of each hosting company and a brilliant FAQ section that enables users to find out everything they need to know about comparing host providers.

Host Search also provides an extensive library of content and, while a little more cluttered than BestHosting, offers a lot of help to users looking for hosts. It may require a little more 'digging time' than BestHosting, but is definitely worth looking at when comparing hosts.

Other good comparison sites worth investigating include, for example:

Top Ten Reviews
Top 10 Web Hosting 2013
Web Hosting Geeks
Who Is Hosting This

Then, of course, there is the chance to find out about hosts' performance through an array of blogs, user forums and so on. This will invariable take up some time, but considering the possible advantages, it is time well spent. Being able to see what actual users think of varying companies will give a much clearer and sadly often more realistic picture of how ell hosts perform.

When using these sites and so on, it is imperative to check whether all the features that will be required to give a site the functionality required are indeed provided. Checking out bandwidth and disc space allowances is equally important, and users should note that 'unlimited' does not necessarily mean the same to all providers. Specific details can usually be found in the 'small print' and users' comments will also provide a clearer idea on this matter.

The same principle applies to up-times. Most hosts offer at least 99.9 per cent up-times, but this promise is not always kept. Consulting independent sites like BestHosting and user reviews is the best way of making sure your site will not spent more time out of action than being available to visitors.