The path to creating a great online store can be a hard and confusing one if you aren\'t aware of the concepts and principles behind eCommerce. The secret to entering this industry smoothly is to find out what you need to do before you have to do it. Just follow the step by step procedures to learn all about ecommerce.

This is how eCommerce works.

The constomer finds the merchant\'s web site through Google or another online search engine. From there, the customer decides that she wants to buy something, so the csutomer is moved to the online shopping cart, where all of the information she gives is encrypted. Once she has placed her order, the information moves through a secure gateway to a Processing Network, where the issuing and acquiring banks complete the transaction. The transaction can be denied is funding is not sufficient. This process generally takes place in no more than 5-7 seconds.

There are many different payment systems available to allow customers to complete transactions. The varied processing needs of merchants are also taken into account, from those who have a few orders a day to those who process thousands of orders every day. With the addition of Secure Socket Layer technology, transactions are very safe, making eCommerce a popular way to do business.

A great eCommerce site is designed well and draws people into the site and makes them interested in what is for sale. A memorable eCommerce site also has well designed logos and is easy to navigate.

The shopping cart is also an important part of an successful ecommerce site. If the cart is difficult to use, constantly logs customers out or is obviously insecure, the website will not be successful. One of the most well known ecommerce software companies is Lite Commerce. It includes a shopping cart and a site builder, making it an easy and cost effective way to get your ecommerce shop online and up to speed.

It is important to remember to look for flexibility and scalability to your site so that you may increase the size of your ecommerce site as your business grows. You can also buy shopping cart software that is specially designed to work with popular web authoring software like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Many of these software packages offer customizable templates so you can get a cutom looking shopping cart without having to design your shopping cart from scratch.

There should also be a wide variety of payment options. Paypal, credit cards and echecks are always welcome modes of payments for customers.

You should also investigate your hosting options when designing your ecommerce web site. You should make sure that you have plenty of storage space for photos of products and plenty of bandwidth to handle customer loads. You don\'t want customers to face site slowdowns that will force them to go elsewhere.

Also remember to check your potential hosting company\'s uptime guarantee. If your host doesn\'t guarantee at least 98 percent uptime, you shouldn\'t be doing business with that company. You should also look for web hosts that offer discounts if you pay for a year in advance. This can offer significant savings.

A good web host will also be responsive to your need and will answer your questions. It is always a good idea to look for a host that specializes in ecommerce solutions.

Many ecommerce hosting companies offer extras like prebuilt shopping carts, SSL connections and free business site builders. With the right ecommerce histing company, you can pay one bill and have your website and shopping cart ready to go with a minimum amount of time and financial investment.

To make sure that your ecommerce site stays successful, you should keep your site inventory updated and your site up to date and fresh looking. In addition to keeping the site fresh, you should have plenty of back end support. A good staff that can have your merchandise pulled, packed and shipped in a timely manner is just as important as having a well designed, secure site.

With the increasing in the number of web enabled mobile phones, you should make sure that your ecommerce site is mobile phone friendly. This can give you a whole new market and can increase your visibility and revenue for a minimum financial investment. If a web site can be accessed by phone, you are allowing for many more impulse buys.

Remember to look at your ecommerce site before each holiday or special occasion for ways to optimize sales.