Help Center Live is a free, open source online live help system that is based on modules. The modules build on the core of the Help Center Live system and extend functionality and allow users to customize the online help experience to be the best asset to their online business. Help Center Live is available as a free download under the GNU GPL license.

Modules available for Help Center Live include a trouble ticket module, custom knowledge base systems an crms. Modules are available as small plug ins in some cases and in full add-on software components in others, depending on the functionality of the module. Help Center Live also supports multiple languages and multiple support operators. Transcripts are also available for every customer chat.

Help Center Live also allows users to change the look and feel of their help system by using one of the many pre-made themes available. Themes can be edited and tweaked to match a pre-existing web site. The theming system is based on Smarty, which includes add-ons and extensions that make theming more powerful and easy to use. If there are no pre-existing themes that are appropriate, users can create their own themes.