If you have a question about web hosting, chances are someone else has had the same question. We have compiled a list of the most frequantly asked web hosting questions that will help you find the answer to your particular question.

Q: Do you supply a website to go with my hosting?

A: We do not directly supply you with a website to go with your web hosting, however every one of our cheap packages comes with tons of free software for many different purposes, including making websites of both a simple and complex nature.

Q: Do I have to purchase a domain from you to use the web hosting.

A: No, although we do offer domain registrations for prices as cheap as £7.49 per year you do not have to get your domain from us, you can use any domain that you own with any of web hosting packages.

Q: What is meant by bandwidth?

A: Bandwith is normally stated in GB (Gigabytes), this is the amount of data you can transfer each month via your website, emails etc. Our basic package is suitable for most starter websites but we offer packages that will suit any users needs, even up to busy business websites with ecommerce solutions.

Q: Can I only host one website from each package?

A: With even our cheapest package you can host up to 5 websites from the one package using our \"Add on domain\" facility, this is facility is very easy to use nad we can assist your further if you require a bit of extra help.

Q: I have seen many web hosting websites offer huge amounts of space and bandwidth for very little, is there a catch?

A: A lot of the time when you see a web hosting company offering extreme amounts of bandwidth and space for a cheap price they make it almost impossible for you to use the resources they promise. Either by limiting the size or type of files you can upload, even limiting the processing power of your account. Here at knethosting.co.uk WE HAVE NO LIMITS what so ever other than the one stated.

Q: What scripting languages can I use with my hosting?

A: You can use many of the internets most popular scripting languages to add functionality to your website such as PHP, CGI and even PERL. You can also use MySQL databases to add that extra bit of dynamic power to your website.

Q: What are name servers?

A: Name servers are the settings that control where your domain name is hosted, once you setup an account with us you will be provided with a set of name servers to set your domain to, if you purchase the domain through us we will automatically point the domain to the hosting.