Affiliate marketing can provide a good source of potentially substantial additional income. It is, however, necessary to have well thought-out marketing strategies in place in order to make this possible. Here are a few basic tips on how to successfully market affiliate programmes.

E-mail Lists - Having e-mail lists is an important element of online marketing. Building an extensive contact list provides marketers with an instant initial audience for affiliate programmes. The idea is to start out by sending subscribers the offers made by these programmes. Assuming that a user has already built up a good reputation among subscribers for the quality of their products/ services, recipients will want to check out these offers.

Follow-up - Providing adequate follow up - replying promptly to queries, answering questions concerning the affiliate programme/s promoted, etc - in a knowledgeable manner is vital to ensure success in affiliate marketing.

Advertising Avenues - Relying entirely on e-mail marketing will somewhat limit potential audiences, making it necessary to find other means to promote the affiliate offer/s. Some common, fairly popular and successful methods include Pay-per-Click ads, for instance.

In short, successful marketing of affiliate programmes requires a great deal of time and effort, but will ultimately be well worth the effort.