Joomla is an open source, free content management system. Joomla is a popular application for creating and maintaining dynamic web sites and includes system features like news flashes, blogs, page caching to improve web site performance, polls, site wide searching, RSS feeds and multiple languge support. Joomla takes advantage of the availability and easy of use of the PHP and MySQL open source combination. It is also easy to monetize your web site with custom made modules that support ad placement, including Google\'s AdSense.

Joomla is packaged with separate modules, making it easy to customize your installation. Joomla has over 2700 add ons and extensions , increasing Joomla\'s functionalityand extending its usefulness across a wide variety of applications, from small personal blogs to large,complex corporate sites.

Joomla also offers easy customization across the site with a click of the mouse or customization on a page by page basis. This gives end users greater control over the appearance and functionality of the entire site.

Joomla has an extensive support system through a multitude of official and unofficial blogs and communities in 40 different languages. The unofficial support sites offer many third party add ons that offer region specific modifications for Joomla.