Fasthosts Internet - a UK based hosting provider - recently announced the launch of an improved, new cloud back-up solution for users of Windows, which enables businesses to take advantage of easy data access and multiple use.

Following the launch of a new Fasthosts range of hosting packages - designed to meet a wide range of business needs, including multiple Websites and e-commerce options - in July 2012, and the installation of two brand new dedicated servers featuring the latest in SSD technology - subsequently quadrupling SSD space on the company's flagship DS1210 - a few months ago, this move offers businesses an array of added advantages.

Offering a 30 day free trial period, Fasthosts online back-up solution will start at $15.35/ month. Compatible with a wide range of Exchange and SQL back-ups and Windows operating systems, the service will allow consumers to virtually save large data encryptions via a flexible infrastructure cloud model. This, of course, will help businesses to save money, resources and time.

Improvements include the opportunity to save unlimited numbers of automatic back-ups for unlimited numbers of Windows devices. Saved data can now also be downloaded at any time to any Windows device. Designed to provide sensitive business data protection, Fasthosts now enables users to back-up - automatically - as much as one Terabyte of their data, transfer it via SSL and store it, in encrypted form, on the company's UK data centre.

There are no limitations with regards to use of specific hard ware, and users can down or upscale the service as required. This, of course, means they will only pay for the actual usage they require. Monthly pay schemes make it possible to assess requirements on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

The use of software analysing files that are marked for back-up only means that only incremental changes will be uploaded, significantly reducing data transfer amounts and thereby ensuring reduced usage and cost of bandwidth. Continuous protection is provided by regular back-ups of changes/ new files.

Full disc imaging and the capability to restore data from any computer makes it possible for users to rapidly recover data. Basically, Fasthosts Internet's back-up service offers fast, efficient data transfers and automatic back-up scheduling to provide effortless protection against the significant disruption and potentially huge financial losses should anything dramatic happen to a company's on-site hard ware. In short, this service provides businesses with greater flexibility and allows them to become more resilient and dynamic.