Mambo is an open source content management system that uses the popular MySQL and PHP combination. The free software is used for creating and maintaining dynamic web sites through an easy to use interface. The ease of use of Mambo has made it extremely popular for people new to content management systems and dynamic web design.

Despite the ease of use, Mambo has many advanced content control features, including advanced theme techniques, page caching and web indexing for non-dynamic pages. Other features in Mambo are news flashes, printable page versions, RSS feeds, polls, forums, calendars, multiple language support and site wide searching.

There are many free templates for Mambo available at third party web sites. Professional templates are also available for a small fee. Themes and templates are changed with a few simple mouse clicks. It is easy to change the look and feel of your web site by using multiple templates.

The minimum requirements to run Mambo is Apache, MySQL and PHP. Mambo is compatible with Windows NT and Linux servers, with Linux the recommended server for running Mambo. Major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera all correctly display web site that are created and maintained with Mambo.

The Mambo content management system has won several major awards, including "Best Linux or Open Source Software" in 2004 and \"Best Open Source Solution\" in LinuxWorld in 2006.