The list of tools available to Web designers is continually getting longer. Having them all at hand would be asking a little too much, nice at that would be. Some tools are, however, more handy than others, and here is a list of some of them.

Blueprint CSS Framework - This provides designers with a solid foundation on which to build projects. It includes a handy, user-friendly grid; useful plug-ins, sensible typography, a style sheet ready for printing and more.

Em Calculator - A useful, comparatively small JavaScript tool designed to help in making accessible and scalable CSS designs.

ColorZilla - This tool includes an Advanced Eyedropper, Page Zoomer, ColorPicker and a selection of other colourful, useful goodies.

Firebug - This integrates with Firefox and helps live editing, debugging and monitoring of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Designers Toolbox - Offers all sorts of Web and print document sizes.

Easy Web Form - This is a FormSpring builder that gives businesses and other organisations an easy solution to building online forms and integrating them with Websites in order to start collecting data.

Browser Shots - Enables testing of a site in several different browsers.

MeasureIt - Enables users to measure pixel heights and widths of their page elements by drawing out a ruler.

Web Developer Toolbar - Offering access to a selection of great developer tools via a tool bar and a menu.

Typetester - Designed to make life easy, this online application enables screen font comparisons.

Button Browser - A great little button maker and gallery.

BlogFlux - Another button maker, this allows users to create 88x13 or 80x15 buttons in a matter of just a few clicks.

Icon Finder - A search engine specialising in helping users find a plethora of great icons.

Vecteezy - A wonderful resource for free vector graphics.

Color Schemer - The Studio 2 version of this application offers professional colour matching for beginners and skilled professionals alike.

Tartan Maker - Cool designers will definitely want this trend-setting new application.

Background Image Maker - Perfect for creating amazing background images.

Rounded Corner - Creates four image files and required CSS/ HTML code to frame content with rounded corners.

Format Pixel - Enables users to create portfolios, fanzines and online magazines; catalogues, brochures and more in a jiffy.

What the Font - A database finding the closest matches to submitted font images.

This list could go on forever, but space and time do not permit much more to be added here. As it is, these tools are definitely worth adding to any designer's tool box.