Noah\'s Classifieds is an open source ad management software platform that makes it easy to administer a large number of ads on your advertising web site. Noah\'s Classifieds allows users to define categories and subcategories, upload customized images for each category and customize email alerts when ads are added to specified ad categories.

Administration is easy with category locking for categories that are overloaded with entries. Noah\'s Classifieds offers support for variable field types and for boolean searches so customers find h=just the ad they are looking for.

Noah\'s Classifieds allows administrators the opportunity to accept or reject ads base on specific criteria. Ads can also be accepted automatically. Administrators also receive email notification of any new or pending ads that are added to the ad system.

Noah\'s Classifieds has a profanity filter that will replace objectionable words with acceptable alternatives. Noah\'s Classifieds allows administrators to set a length limits as well as time limits.

Users are allowed to submit and modify their own ads, add images to their ads to attract attention, browse lists of the most recent ads and extend an expiration date if their article has not sold. Ads can also be emailed to friends, extending the reach of ads beyond your site.