Nucleus is a free content management system that is specially designed to help users create and maintain their own blogs. The Nucleus Core allows set up and maintenance of multiple blogs on the same host. It also allows each blog to have multiple authors with customizable rights for each author.

Nucleus also supports multiple categories across each blog for better blog organization. There is no need for an external comment tool plug in with the built in Nucleus Commenting System. The Commenting System also has a built in karma voting system. Nucleus also supports URLs that can be optimized for readers and search engines is your web host supports it.

Nucleus has all the ease of use of popular online blogging services, but it runs on your own web host, so you have total control. You will still be able to post when web based blog servers go down.

Other features that Nucleus has include auto-saving of drafts and the ability to date entries for future posting. Nucleus also supports multiple skins and tweakable templates. You can also write and load your own CSS files to fully customize your blog. Plug-ins can be installed to add increased functionality.