OsTicket is a free, open source support ticket system. It is widely used for its easy of use and the way it works with web based forms and email to form an easy to use web interface that supports multiple users and languages. OsTicket is based on the widely available PHP scripting language and runs well on Apache servers. It has been tested and works with both Windows NT and Linux.

Help tickets are easy to organize, archive and manage with osTicket, giving web site owners the ability to quickly respond to customer problems. The system can be configured to send each user an auto response when a help ticket is submitted. Users can also see their created ticket, including the status, by using a simple web based form. Users can also retrieve their ticket using their ticket number and email address.

OsTicket is easy to use and easy to install. New users can be up and running in minutes, but if problems are encountered there are several help options available. OsTicket has extensive free help available in ts online community and in the osTicket wiki. For more advanced help, osTicket offers several paid support packages that include access to the core development team.