PHP-Nuke is an open source software package based on the PHP and MySQL combination. PHP-Nuke is used as a content management system and as blog software. PHP-Nuke can be controlled by using the Internet based user interface. Requirements to operate PHP-Nuke are a web server that is compatible with the PHP scripting language, like the Apache HTTP Server, and a MySQL database. Other SQL databases can also be used.

PHP-Nuke can be used to create a community-based web site that allows site visitors to add and edit new items which can then be commented on by other users. All new submissions to the PHP-Nuke based web site can be screened by web site administrators before being posted to the main web site.

Modules can be added to PHP-Nuke to expand the software\'s functionality. Examples of add on modules are web forums and calendars. Private messaging, news and frequently asked questions modules are also available for use in PHP-Nuke.

PHP-Nuke can also be customized by adding themes and templates. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP is required to write your own template for PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke can also support multiple languages.