Moodle is a free,open source course management solution that is used by many college and universities for student access to distance learning opportunities. Effective online learning is made easier by using Moodle to scale programs from a single teacher teaching one class, to an entire university system with hundreds of thousands of users.

Moodle has multiple modules that make it easy for teachers to customize their online classroom. Course calendars are available so teachers can post exam dates and assignment due dates. Moodle also includes a message forum module that allows for increased interaction between students and teachers.

Moodle also offers multiple types of enrollment methods and multiple authentication methods so only approved students can access course materials. Moodle allows for secure online testing, online grade recording and content filters to prevent academic dishonesty.

There are multiple graphical themes available for Moodle and teachers can change the look and feel of their course, even if they have no prior web experience. Moodle is intuitive and has a short learning curve. Teachers spend more time teaching and less time learning the software.

Moodle is easy to use, but if there are questions or technical problems, Moodle offers free support in its active user community.