phpESP is a free, open source survey package that allows users with little or no technical experience to create and administer multiple surveys and polls, view poll statistics and gather poll results in an easy to use online interface that is available after the initial set up using a MySQL database. phpESP has been designed to be platform independent and works well with Linux, Mac OS and Windows NT based web hosts. Based on the PHP and MySQL combination, all you need to run phpESP is a web server like Apache that supports PHP.

phpESP allows users to create open ended survey questions, gather and interpret results for the most meaningful data collection and easily track responses to specific questions. phpESP also allows administrators to add additional questions and survey responses to each survey and poll. phpESP also generates code so that poll and survey administrators can add surveys and polls to a preexisting HTML web page.

phpESP has an easy to use, web based interface that is user friendly for every person involved in the poll and survey creation. Even administrators that aren\'t well versed in PHP or HTML can create and administrate complex surveys and polls to gather unlimited data from web site visitors.