PhpWiki is a free open source wiki software platform that was first introduced in December 1999 by Steve Wainstead. It was the first wiki software program to be written in the popular PHP scripting language and makes sue of PHP\'s easy connection to the free mySQL database software platform. Wikis are increasingly popular as repositories as a group knowledge base. Inclusion of a wiki on your web site can increase traffic.

PhpWiki offers many features for wiki use including pre-designed templates, color changes for different categories, rendering engine rewrites and other features that have been added by wiki software users.

PhpWiki is exteremely easy to use and comes ready to use right out of the box. It requires no configuration and even come with its own set of default pages for instant start up. There are many plug ins available to make the PhpWiki more functional.

All database engines are now supported, moving PhpWiki away from its MySQL origins. PhpWiki is compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It can run on servers that are compatible with PHP, such as Apache. It has been tested and works with Linux, Mac Os and Windows NT platforms.