Simple Machines Forum is a free,open source message forum software package that allows you to set up professional looking online communities in minutes, without learning a single line of code.

Simple Machines Forum has extensive templating controls so administrators are in full control of the lay out of the message forum and allows your web site and your message board to work together.

Simple Machines Forum uses a MySQL database along side the popular PHP scripting language. Simple Machines Forum gives you all of the features of a full message board with little impact on your server resources.

Simple Machines Forum offers a comprehensive template system so your message forum can look the way you want. Simple Machines Forum also supports multiple languages at once. It is fully scalable and allows administrators to track all new and old topics.

The code is fully compliant with w3c requirements and is validated with XHTML. Simple Machines Forum also allows users to search the forums for keywords and phrases. Administrators are able to block full an partial words and phrases.

Prevent spamming of the forum with IP login attempt limits and blocks from the administration panel. Simple Machines Forum also offers a robust private messaging system.