Although it seems pretty cut and dried when you\'re thinking about your hosting costs, there are a few considerations that will need to be factored before you determine what amount is just right and what amount is too much. While there are a few guidelines for pricing norms on different types of hosting plans, there are other factors that may increase the overall value of a plan. First, let's look at the accepted pricing structure for several different types of hosting plans.

Budget Hosting Price Range - Anywhere from £1 a month to £5. These are usually bare bones web hosting plans that offer a minimum of features. It's never smart to spend more than around £3 a month for one of these plans.

Intermediate Hosting Price Range - £5 to £15 a month. It's not budget and the features are a little better but this is still a pretty economical choice for many site owners. This is probably a good level of hosting for those who are not planning to grow their site much and just need an easy solution to keep an online presence.

Virtual Private Servers - £20 to £40 a month, depending on features. These web hosting plans have a little more space and usually numerous different features that can extend your site nicely.

Reseller Hosting - £20 to £40 a month. This is very similar to a VPS plan, the main difference is that it is geared towards those who want to offer branded hosting packages.

Dedicated Hosting - £49 to £299 a month. The low end budget servers aren't the best, but they are a step up from regular hosting. It's really not a good idea to spend much over £300 for a dedicated server since there are several hosts that offer incredible deals on these types of packages.

Ok, now that we have the pricing norms out of the way, there are factors that mean a lot when it comes to determining the overall value of a web hosting plan. For example, let's say you have one plan that is worth £5, but only offers M-F workday support. You have a second plan that is worth £10 a month, but offers 24/7 support. You'll need to decide which is more important - saving that extra £5 or getting support when you need it. You can use this same formula when it comes to other features, such as shopping carts, databases and other applications that extend the performance of your site.