Cloud hosting is essentially based on a virtual environment within a powerful cluster of servers offering large amounts of resources and a whole range of benefits not available with other forms of shared or dedicated hosting. Here are some of these benefits.

Flexibility - Cloud servers are incredibly flexible and allow users to scale available resources precisely to their requirements as and when required. Adding an extra 4 GB of Ram, for example, can be done quickly (updates are instant and do not require downtime, unlike dedicated servers) and easily by simply logging in to the automated control panel and initiating the necessary changes.

Reliability - Unlike dedicated hosting, cloud hosting does not rely on a single server, but a whole cluster of them. In other word, if hardware failure - which would invariably result in down times on dedicated servers - should occur in one location, other servers will immediately compensate for the loss of resources without downtime becoming necessary.

Set-Up and Cost - Dedicated servers take time and resources to set up, whereas cloud servers can be in action within minutes. In addition, cloud hosting typically offers far greater resources for the same price as dedicated hosting, making it ultimately far more cost-effective.