For anyone who wishes to create a blog, but can not be bothered to go through the hassle of hosting, developing and subsequently deploying their blog, there is an array of free blog platforms available. Typically offering a host of features, many of them also offer the option to upgrade to paid-for services.
WordPress - Using open source software, WordPress is likely to be the most feature-rich service currently available. Even the free version is packed with excellent features, including anti-spam filters, gorgeous templates, SEO, traffic stats and more. Free storage offered by this version totals 3 GB. The paid-for version also offers custom domains, upgraded hosting services and more. - Powered by WordPress, this service comes with beautiful themes and many advanced plug-ins often only found in paid-for services. The free version does feature quite a few ads, but these can be removed by upgrading to the paid-for version. Storage space offered in the free version only comes to 2 GB.

Blogger - A clean, no-nonsense interface combines with customisable themes and top-notch Google account integration to make Blogger worth taking a closer look at. Its templates may not be quite as gorgeous as those offered by WordPress, but users can set up custom domains free of charge.

TypePad Micro - This service has an easy-to-use interface and content can be easily imported/ exported to/ from other platforms. Unfortunately, many features that are available free with other platforms only become available after upgrade to the paid-for version, which is not exactly low-priced.

Jux - This is not really a blog service in the traditional sense, but it offers a great way to share content. Offering a beautiful and clean approach to sharing content, Jux does not have many of the widgets typically available with other services. It also does not feature the native sidebars. Perhaps not the best first choice for conventional blogging, Jux is perfect for users leaning towards greater use of visual content like artwork or photos.

Other fairly well-known, great services include:

Posterous Spaces
Weebly and

Less know platforms that may well be worth checking out include:

Blog Dive
MyBlogSite and

In essence, which service will ultimately be the best to go for depends very much on personal preferences and requirements. If security and potential success of a blog are of high importance, it is, however, recommended to choose one of the better known services with well established, good reputations.